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Introducing the Mars Rover Team from IIT Bombay

Introducing the Mars Rover Team from IIT Bombay
"MSI Rover Team"

"Funded by Boeing, Indira foundation and others"
"Mock run is scheduled to happen before March 10th"
University Rover Challenge - 2014


MSRI Rover Image (CAD)


1.    What is the name of your Mars rover team?
A few of us undergraduates at IIT Bombay has formed a society called Mars Society India (MSI), and the Mars Rover project is an offspring of the same. We are calling it the MSI Rover project. We are the official Indian chapter of the Mars Society, based in the US. Our aim is to act as a platform were students can get firsthand experience of space technologies.


 2.    Who is the main person who inspired the students to participate in this competition?
It was entirely a student’s initiative. We were formulating plans for developing a rover as a prototype to our long-term aims. Around the same time, we came across the competition. So we chose it as a first step for the team – and it was able to provide definitiveness of target and exact time frame for us. Also, the various aspects of the problem statement, which closely resembled a real Mars mission, was an excellent platform for us to build upon. Once we decided to take part in it. We approached the Aerospace Engineering Department, with the proposal and they backed our idea.


Hindustand Mars Rover Team - University Rover Challenge - 2014

Hindustand Mars Rover Team
University Rover Challenge - 2014, USA



A Multi-Disciplinary team from Hindustan University is set to participate in the world’s premier robotics competition for college students, University Rover Challenge - 2014 (URC), on May 29– 31st, 2014 held at the Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) , Hanksville, Utah,USA . The team is named as Hindustan Mars Rover Team and it is one of the 7 teams who are qualified for the event from India. The team will design and build the next generation of Mars rovers which will one day work alongside astronauts on the Red Planet.

The team consists of 20 members having different backgrounds brought together by a common enthusiasm for engineering. As a team of passionate engineering students, it strives for building things and solving problems.

The team is led by Rahul Kanuganti, second year Mechanical Engineering student, along with Puranjan Das, third year EIE student, with the support of the faculty advisors Associate Prof. Muthu Kumaran & Asst. Prof. Shyam R Nair from the Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, Hindustan University.

Team - Incredible Aryans - "Spirit of India" - Part - 1

Team - Incredible Aryans - "Spirit of India"
Part - 1

University Rover Challenge - 2014
May 29-31, 2014
Mars Desert Research Station
Hanksville, Utah

The Challenge:
Design and build the next generation of Mars rovers that will one day work alongside human explorers in the field.

The Prize:
Cash prizes, a trip to present at the annual International Mars Society Convention, and a year’s worth of bragging rights.


There are 31 teams participating from 6 countries from 4 continents.  It is a good news that the Indian students stand at 2nd position in terms of number of teams participating followed by USA. There are 7 teams from different parts of India.  There will be series of articles on these teams in the coming days covering both technical and non-technical information. The idea is to encourage these kind of activities among students so that more students could participate in the coming years.

 Incredible Aryans-"Spirit of India"

This team comprises of students from several colleges in northern India. It is a group of highly motivated students who want win this competition and make India proud. We believe that with a right mentor and guidance these people can make a significant impact in the event. We had a chance to talk to the team leader, Mr. Prateek Mittal, regarding their participation.  Mr. Prateek was responsible to talk to several students and motivates then to participate in this event. This resulted in a team called incredible Aryans-Spiriti of India.

There are around 46 people in this team participating from several colleges. Some of those colleges are

  •  Poornima College of Engineering; Karunya University
  •  Bahra University; Sachdeva Institude of Technology
  • S.A. Engineering College
  • Vivekanand Institute of Technology (East)
  • Global Institute of Technology; Indian Institute of Aeronautical & Information Technology
  • Galgotiya College of Engineering
  • Karunya University
  • Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University;
  • JECRC University (India)


Movie on Indian Mars MIssion by School Students

Movie on Indian Mars MIssion
Directed by School Students of 6th and 9th Standard
"Is not this an interesting way to learn science ?"
Everyschool should replicate this


Entire Movie Cast With Their Teachers

A group of students from KR Mangalam World School, Gurgaon have directed a movie on India's first Mars mission. The curiosity and the amount of hype around the Mangalyaan mission made them to direct a movie to demystify the information for everyone.

This is a 14-minute video directed by  Kirat Singh (8th Std) and Aashima Dhingra (9th Std). Around 15 students are part of this movie acting in various characters like news reporter, scientist and general public. The movie revolves around the technological importance of the mission, life possiblity on Mars, human settlement on Mars and the trade-off for spending crores of rupees on the mission. These students should be appaluded for the amount of effort put by them. They have done an excellent job to understand  various scientific and technological facts before embarking on this initiative. This shows the extra mile that students could go to with their curiosity.

To add more, this movie got screened at National Science Film Festival, held at Bangalore last week. It had a fantastic response from the crowd.


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