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First student-made satellite to take off in April

India's first student-made satellite will take off from Sriharikota either on April 5th 2009 or April 6th 2009, riding piggyback on ISRO's Risat satellite until it separates and flies into its own designated orbit, Called Anusat, the micro-student satellite will be launched by the four-stage PSLV. It has been designed and developed by 37 aerospace engineering students with the help of 10 of their teachers of the prestigious Madras Institute Of Technology (Anna university), the alma mater of former President and rocket scientist A P J Abdul Kalam.

"This is the first time we are launching a satellite made by students and the idea is to motivate the younger generation to work for India's space missions," ISRO's chief spokesperson S Satish said.



IIT Kanpur

In a not so nondescript lab in the Northern Laboratories at IIT Kanpur, every Saturday night about 30 students come together for the weekly updates meeting. These students are drawn from 9 departments and range from 2nd year undergraduates to final year M.Tech. students. Guided by about 12 faculty from across the institute and experts from the ISRO Satellite Centre of the Indian Space Research Organization, we are trying to design, fabricate, test, and fly a 3500 cubic centimeter cube made mostly of aluminum alloy and electronics, weighing less than 3 kilograms at an altitude of about 800 km above the Earth´s surface.


Pratham: Student Satellite Initiative

The IIT Bombay Student Satellite Project is a landmark project taken up by IIT Bombay students. The objective of this project is to make IIT Bombay a respected centre for advancement in Satellite and Space Technology in the world. The project aims at launching at least 5 satellites within the next few years. These Satellites could be test-beds for new technology that is being developed in the institute and need space qualification.

SEDS-VIT Student Satellite Project

SEDS-VIT Student Satellite Project

Students for Exploration and Development of Space - India, began the student satellite project with the following objectives:

  • A collaborative student effort to apply the classroom gained knowledge in real word engineering applications in various fields of engineering, from mechanical to electrical and electronics.
  • To understand the various limitations and constraints in real engineering processes and learn to provide them with suitable solutions.
  • To increase the student-industry link by allowing students to directly participate in an industrial venture right from the beginning till the end.

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