Introducing the Mars Rover Team from IIT Bombay

Introducing the Mars Rover Team from IIT Bombay
"MSI Rover Team"

"Funded by Boeing, Indira foundation and others"
"Mock run is scheduled to happen before March 10th"
University Rover Challenge - 2014


MSRI Rover Image (CAD)


1.    What is the name of your Mars rover team?
A few of us undergraduates at IIT Bombay has formed a society called Mars Society India (MSI), and the Mars Rover project is an offspring of the same. We are calling it the MSI Rover project. We are the official Indian chapter of the Mars Society, based in the US. Our aim is to act as a platform were students can get firsthand experience of space technologies.


 2.    Who is the main person who inspired the students to participate in this competition?
It was entirely a student’s initiative. We were formulating plans for developing a rover as a prototype to our long-term aims. Around the same time, we came across the competition. So we chose it as a first step for the team – and it was able to provide definitiveness of target and exact time frame for us. Also, the various aspects of the problem statement, which closely resembled a real Mars mission, was an excellent platform for us to build upon. Once we decided to take part in it. We approached the Aerospace Engineering Department, with the proposal and they backed our idea.


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