Hindustand Mars Rover Team - University Rover Challenge - 2014

Hindustand Mars Rover Team
University Rover Challenge - 2014, USA



A Multi-Disciplinary team from Hindustan University is set to participate in the world’s premier robotics competition for college students, University Rover Challenge - 2014 (URC), on May 29– 31st, 2014 held at the Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) , Hanksville, Utah,USA . The team is named as Hindustan Mars Rover Team and it is one of the 7 teams who are qualified for the event from India. The team will design and build the next generation of Mars rovers which will one day work alongside astronauts on the Red Planet.

The team consists of 20 members having different backgrounds brought together by a common enthusiasm for engineering. As a team of passionate engineering students, it strives for building things and solving problems.

The team is led by Rahul Kanuganti, second year Mechanical Engineering student, along with Puranjan Das, third year EIE student, with the support of the faculty advisors Associate Prof. Muthu Kumaran & Asst. Prof. Shyam R Nair from the Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, Hindustan University.

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