Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

TATA Institute of Fundamental Research


The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research is an autonomous Institute under the umbrella of the Department of Atomic Energy of the Government of India. The institute does basic research in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and computer science. The institute has branches in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore and research facilities in various other places in India.

The TIFR is the brain-child of Homi-Bhabha. He founded the institute with the help from Sir Dorabji Tata Trust in 1st June, 1945. After 1956, the Government took control of the Institute from the TATA trust. Today, more than 99% expenditure of the Institute is borne by the Government of India.

Homi-bhabha's vision,
It is the duty of people like us to stay in our own country and build up outstanding schools of research such as some other countries are fortunate to possess."

The TIFR has been divided into two divisions, TIFR schools and TIFR centres.

TIFR Schools

TIFR Centres :

Ph.D and graduate programs
The TATA Institute of Fundamental Research is India's premier institution for advanced research in fundamental sciences. The Institute runs a graduate programme leading to the award of Ph.D. degree, as well as M.Sc. and Integrated Ph.D. in certain subjects. With its distinguished faculty, world class facilities and stimulating research environment, it is an ideal place for aspiring scientists to initiate their career.

The Graduate Programme at TIFR is classified into the following Subjects - Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer & Systems Sciences and Science Education. It is conducted at the Mumbai campus and various National Centres of TIFR.

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Visiting student research program
The students who have completed a year of their master’s program get an opportunity to work on a research project at TIFR during the period mid May to July each year.

The students will get the opportunity to work in areas of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics (Astronomy & Astrophysics, Condensed Matter Physics & Material Sciences, High Energy Physics, Nuclear & Atomic Physics and Theoretical Physics). The programmes are held at the Mumbai campus of the TATA Institute of Fundamental Research as well as at the National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA), Pune.

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