Opportunity to get stipend for atleast 6 months

Opportunity to Get Stipend for Atleast 6 Months
Indian Space Station - 2014


Indian Space Station is happy to announce a student stipend program for a period of at-least 6 months. The idea is to recognize and provide a right platform to show their skill and expertise in the field of basic science, space science and technology, and robotics.  The stipend program could be extended for another 6 months depending upon the students performance and the number of days left in their course work. 

The students will be honored with certificate at the end of this stipend recognizing their talent. 

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0 #2 ISS 2014-03-22 04:09
Hi Parmita,
We always are in look out for talented people. Please write to us with more details on what you would like to contribute and your expectations etc to iss[at]

Depending upon your interest we could work discuss further.

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0 #1 Aashiyana INd 2014-03-21 16:50
I am a journalist. I would also like to associated with Indian Space Station programme. Do you have any programme suitable for such candidates?
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