Winner of June 2009

Winner of Student Story Writing Competition for the Month of June, 2009

Author Information:
S. Pranav Kumar
Age: 14
Class: Tenth Standard
School: Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School (PSBBSSS), K.K.Nagar Branch, Tamil Nadu.
Roll number: K010403

Hello there,

What with everyone thinking space life of 2100 is either a) serious, with stories and experiments on tourism, weaponry, life on Mars and so on, or b) damaging, with interplanetary wars, I have decided to present a picture of the lighter side of life in space, 2100. I hope you enjoy it.


David Kettering Regalis, Dave to his friends, Mr. Regalis to his associates, or, more intricately, Homo Sapien Data Entry SQZ 21953244 to the GalaktikEye (Trademark of the Uranus Hertz Corporation 2092) the famed state-of-the-art 2100 version of the GPS (Galactic Positioning System) which monitored the movements and all travel related activities of him and a large number of other Galaxi-Drivers, sat contemplating in the reclinable gel filled massage chair of his TurboTwinjetV5.

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