MoMSpace Video Competiton - 2014

MoMSpace Video Competition - 2014
City International School, Mumbai


Trophy for the winning team


MoMSpace Video Competition,2014 - Winning Entry

MoMSpace Video Competition - 2014
Winning Entry

We are happy to announce the winner of "MoMSpace Video Competition - 2014" as part of an initiative taken by Indian Space Station team to celebrate successful launch of Mangalyaan mission. As  you are aware, Mangalyaan is India's first mission to Mars which completed 100 days recently.

Please visit this link to know more about this competition.


MoMSpace Competition for Students - Entries

MoMSpace Competition for Students
Create a 5-minute video based on scientific data from MoM or Mangalyaan
Last Day to Vote: January 18th, 2015

Indian Space Station had announced a competition to celebrate the successful completion of Mangalyaan or MoM Space mission by ISRO. As part of the competition, the students were encouraged to create a 5-minute video to based on the data sent by Mangalyaan or some scenarios related to it. Please click here to see the competition details.

We are delighted to publish the entries for this competition. The students have done a tremendous job in coming out with some interesting 5-minute videos.

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