MoMSpace Competition for Students - Last Day December 14th, 2014

MoMSpace Competition for Students
Create a 5-minute video based on scientific data from MoM or Mangalyaan
Last Date: December 14th, 2014

First image transmitted from MoM to ground station

Congratulations to everyone on successful arrival of Mangalyaan to Mars.

As part of this historical moment, Indians Space Station team conducted an AstroSpace drawing competition to mark this occasion.  We received an overwhelming response and the competition was successfully conducted from March-2014 to July-2014. Thanks for  your huge support and special thanks for all our sponsors.




Now, there are even more exciting days ahead as Mangalyaan will be transmitting a new piece of information about Mars everyday. Indian Space Station is once again providing a fantastic opportunity for students to be part of this data analysis and learn more about the mission in the coming months.

Competition details:
A group of students have to come out with a 5-minute video creating a scenario around scientific data being sent from Mangalyaan

  • The video could capture a situation wherein a group of scientists are discussing about the latest Mars image received from MoM.
  • The video could capture a situation wherein a group of general public are discussing about the scientific data sent from Mangalyaan.
  • The video could capture a situation wherein a teacher (acted by a student) is discussing about the Mangalyaan mission and the data being sent by the spacecraft with the students.
  • Any other situation as long as it is related to Mangalyaan in Mars orbiter or scientific data around it.

Terms and Conditions:

  • There should be a minimum of 3 students in the video. There is no limit on the maximum of number of students
  • The competition is open for all students up-to 12 standard
  • All characters in the video should be performed by the students only
  • You can use English or any Indian language in the video. However, the video should be appended with English sub-title in case of language other than English
  • The school teacher or management could help the students in creating the video but they are not allowed to be part of the video except for guest appearances.
  • The video should clearly mention the school name/address, real student name, character name and other details.
  • The points will be awarded based on the creativity used in the video, acting quality, stage setup, dialogues, scientific facts presented, video quality etc.
  • More points will be given to a team which will consists of students of all age.
  • The number of prizes are not fixed and it could vary depending upon the quality of the entries being received. However, there will be a minimum of one prize and maximum of 3 prizes
  • All submitted entries will be displayed on the ISS website

Last day for sending the entry:
December 14th, 2014


  • Please email your video to or share it on Google drive.
  • You can also post a pen-drive or disk containing the video to our address (contact us for the address)
  • Please make sure that the video gives out the following information
    • School name/address
    • Names of the students being part of the video
    • Names of the characters being part of the video
    • Theme of the video




ISS Team





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