AstroSpace Drawing Competition

<This competition will close in the  month of July-2014 instead of September-2014 as announced earlier>

AstroSpace Drawing Competition
Indian Space Station

March 2014 till September 2014


 Creativity + Unknown + Mars Mission = ???


 Did you get inspired by watching movies like E.T, Star wars, Wall-E or Transformers? Here is a chance to write your own movie on a paper. All you have to do is to come-up with an interesting/artistic/creative drawings related to "India's First Mars Mission: Mangalyaan". The students are encouraged to draw  creative paintings that takes into consideration the advances in the space exploration, space technology, astronomy and aviation sector.



Some of the suggested themes around which you can build-up the drwaing are,

  • Capture the launch of Mangalyaan  from Sriharikota in a sequence of drawings
  • Visualizing Mangalyaan goes through space to reach Mars
  • How it works upon reaching Mars
  • A situation where in Mars spacecraft is caught by an alien on its way to Mars.
  • A situation wherein the student assumes being part of the Mars mission team and work as a scientist in ISRO
  • Some of the strange discoveries like a floating lake, Aliens being discovered by India's Mars mission
  • Be an astronaut and go fix the problem on Mangalyaan spacecraft once it reaches Mars orbiter
  • Any wild imagination related to India's first Mars mission


The competition will commence from March, 2014 and will continue till September, 2014.  India's first Mars mission is scheduled to reach Mars orbiter in September, 2014. This is a tribute from Indian Space Station team to Mangalyaan mission.


  • A winner will be chosen each month. However, all submitted entries will be displayed on the website.
  • The exciting prizes will consist of space toys, space books, space bags, space caps, shuttle models and much more...


Rules and Regulation:

  • The  submitted entries will become the property of  Indian Space Station. However, the author will get the full credit whenever the painting gets published.
  • The competition is open only for students up-to 10th Std.
  • The painting should be your original work. However, the teachers/parents could help ONLY in finalizing the theme but not in drawing.
  • Only the soft copy of the drawing is accepted. You can take the help from your teachers/parents to take a photograph (recommended way is to scan the drawing as quality of the image will be better)  of your work and to send the entry to us. We will ask for the final physical copy of the drawing upon declaring a winner but before sending out the prizes.
  • Please send your entries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with Subject as "Indian Space Station: Drawing Competition Month: 2014"
  • We would recommend the students to either use A4 size or half the A4 size (recommended)  for drawing. The soft copy of the drawing will look good upon publishing  by using a small size paper.
  • The following details should be provided along with the document

•Name of the students:

•Standard/Class Studying:

Roll number/ID number:

•School Name and address:

•Favorite Teacher Name and contact details (phone number and email id):

•Parents Name and contact details (phone number and email id):

•A good photograph of the student either with his/her favorite teacher or with their parents.

  • There are no charges to participate in the competition.
  • Submit the entry before the last day of each month. A winner will be announced on a per month basis. For example, for the month of March - 2014, all entries received from March 1st to March 31st will be considered for the Month of March to declare a winner.
  • If a student wins a prize in any of the month then he/she could again participate in the subsequent months as well. However, we honestly request the winner to spread a word about this competition and inspire others to participate as well. There are many students with great talent who could make use of this opportunity.
  • Competition is open from 1st of March, 2014
  • Competition is open for any student studying in India (priority) and abroad.
  • The drawing has to be hand-written (using pencils/sketch pens etc) and the student can not make use of any computer tools for this purpose.
  • Please send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any queries.
  • The decision of the ISS team is final in selecting the winners. We will not entertain queries regarding the same.


Here is the link containing the winners from our earlier story writing competition. We hope these students will inspire many others to participate in the drawing competition.


What are you waiting for ?
Go wild and show your creativity to everyone !!!



-1 #13 Aparna 2014-07-02 05:06
Could You please confirm if we can send our drawings this month(July) too??Is the date closed ?
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0 #12 Aparna 2014-07-02 05:04
Hi Could You please confirm if we can send our drawings this month (July) also ?
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+1 #11 gsfgfgh 2014-06-21 05:32
i don't my school roll no. is admission no. ok. noteachers are allowing to give their details
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0 #10 gsfgfgh 2014-06-21 05:29
know teachers are allowing to give their phone no.and i only know my class
Quote | Report to administrator
0 #9 shivani 2014-05-31 09:14
when the awards will be declared....??? ? :-? :sigh:
Quote | Report to administrator
+2 #8 Vasantha Kumar BP 2014-04-21 11:18
Quoting Madhumitha:
I 'm a new student so i don't no any teacher's phone number and email address......Whose name will i give for the needed question "Your FAvorite teacher"? :-|

ISS Response:
Either you can provide your teacher name from the previous school or you could skip that section in case of new admission to school.
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+1 #7 Madhumitha 2014-04-21 04:12
I 'm a new student so i don't no any teacher's phone number and email address......Wh ose name will i give for the needed question "Your FAvorite teacher"? :-|
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0 #6 Sandhya A 2014-04-06 15:56
very.... usefull.....esp ecially 2 future scientist like me..... :-* ;-) :P 8)
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0 #5 Meghna 2014-04-03 15:46
When is the result for March Contest?
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+1 #4 ISS Response 2014-04-01 12:09
As mentioned above, there is no age bar. However, there is a constraint on the standard (upto and including 10th std)
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