MoMSpace Competition for Students - Last Day December 14th, 2014

MoMSpace Competition for Students
Create a 5-minute video based on scientific data from MoM or Mangalyaan
Last Date: December 14th, 2014

First image transmitted from MoM to ground station

Congratulations to everyone on successful arrival of Mangalyaan to Mars.

As part of this historical moment, Indians Space Station team conducted an AstroSpace drawing competition to mark this occasion.  We received an overwhelming response and the competition was successfully conducted from March-2014 to July-2014. Thanks for  your huge support and special thanks for all our sponsors.




Team Indus


This is the period of Space Renaissance. Missions fail if you can't solve a problem in 3 weeks. Private space companies have launched their spacecrafts defying the temporal and budgetary constraints against the regular governmental agencies. Axiom Research Labs is one such company hailing from the sub-continent. Intrigued by the zeal to raise the tricolor on the heavenly bodies, Team Indus - the Technical arm of Axiom presented the problems on a public forum ( to obtain faster solutions. A league of Armchair rocketeers managed to produce great solutions to the agencies' ultimate problems. They will be rewarded 30,000 for the nominal solution, 15,000 for the back up and 5000 for the contingency plan. More rocketeers will be identified every lunar cycle.

AstroSpace Drawing Competition

<This competition will close in the  month of July-2014 instead of September-2014 as announced earlier>

AstroSpace Drawing Competition
Indian Space Station

March 2014 till September 2014


 Creativity + Unknown + Mars Mission = ???


 Did you get inspired by watching movies like E.T, Star wars, Wall-E or Transformers? Here is a chance to write your own movie on a paper. All you have to do is to come-up with an interesting/artistic/creative drawings related to "India's First Mars Mission: Mangalyaan". The students are encouraged to draw  creative paintings that takes into consideration the advances in the space exploration, space technology, astronomy and aviation sector.


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