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Respected Sir,
My self Yash Sharma age 9 yrs I want to join Centres for Space Science and
Technology Education,purpose of join I have prepare little wooden model of  Aircraft.please guide me
Most of time I seen Discovery & Backyard science programs on T.V.  Due to both T.V.programe I learn some thing but I can't prepare with out  tools & other things please give me address of compony or institute where they provide all the things am interested to make many things about that program.

I want to become scientist for our country.

Thanks & Regards,
Yash Sharma, Nagpur




It is good to know that you are interested in space science. Also, it is the right-time for the new generation of space scientist. By the time you graduate, there will be plenty of challenging opportunities available in and out of ISRO.

As you are only 9 year-old, you have plenty of time to achieve your goals. One of the important skills which will help you to become a scientist is having interest in physics and mathematics. It seems you are already moving in that direction by watching science related programs on Discovery channel. Try to reason out anything that you do not understand. Take the help of you teacher/parents to explain out any science puzzle. Once you clear the 12th exams, you can opt for an engineering or any science graduate program. You should pursue your  Masters/Ph.d in any particular science sub-domain that interest you. Anyhow, you definitely have plenty of time to think over the graduate programs and beyond that.

First thing first, lets further enhance your interest in science. Here are the various options available in Nagpur that will put you in contact with the right people. Take your parents with you for first few visits.

Raman Science Center, Nagpur

Project Co-ordinator

Shri S.P.Pathak


Opposite Gandhi Sagar, Near Phule Market, Nagpur, Maharashtra-440018

Phone No.

0712-2735800, 0712-2770187


The center has good science related galleries.  They conduct various lectures related to science and technology, astronomy etc. The talks are delivered by eminent scientists. You should attend these talks. You will get a chance to closely interact with the great scientist. They can also guide you in taking the right decisions to achieve your goal. Beside, the center also conducts science quiz, science workshops for students, sky observation programs, science drama, science films etc. We strongly urge you to visit these places every week. Get the list of events that are planned throughout the year and attend them whenever possible.

In addition, there are astronomy club associations in Nagpur. These associations are managed by a group of enthusiast’s people interested in astronomy. We strongly urge you to become a member and attend their weekly programs. You will get to meet a lot of students of your age with similar interests in these clubs.

Avkash Observers

Dr. Pradhan Lane, Choti Dhantoli, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440   012


18, Ujwal Nagar, Wardha Road, Nagpur, Maharashtra - 440 025


Above methods can not replace the knowledge you gain in science classes at your school. Above mentioned ways  are additional methods to enhance your interest and knowledge in science. We are sure that you will reach your ambition if you start following the above steps.

It is always easy to dream but it takes dedication and will power to achieve it. We are pretty sure you have both.  ISRO requires people like you  who can take the Indian space program to next level.

In case you do not know, we conduct monthly student story competition where-in you can write interesting stories on space exploration and all. Please visit the below link to know more,

This is also a way to enhance your interest in space science.

Hope, we were able to answer to you query.  Please feel free to ask any questions. Please use the forum for this kind of discussion. Even our readers will be able to help you out.

Good luck.
ISS Team



I am a student of class11, Mira Model School New Delhi.I have done module-1 of Astronomy Club from your organisationI have great interest in this field.I have some queries that how should I opt astronomy as my   carreer?secondly which exam i have to qualify?No. of students appearing?No.  of seats?how should i prepare etc? I attended many seminars on carreer counselling but I was unable to get any  relevant information. Hope that you wii reply me as soon as possible.

In order to follow astronomy as a career, you will need to study physics at least up to B.Sc. If you are interested in astronomical instrumentation, B.E. in Electrical and Electronics, Electronics and Communication, Computer Science & Engg, Mechanical, can also help. There are several institutes in the country which take students for Ph.D. in astrophysics after their M.Sc. or B.E. Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore also takes students in this stream, and in addition offers two integrated Ph.D. courses: One after B.Sc. (5 year M.Sc.+ Ph.D. program in astrophysics) and another after B.E./B.Tech (5 year M.Tech. + Ph.D. program in astronomical instrumentation).

In the meantime, you can keep your interest alive with astronomy clubs. You will be able to learn a great deal and also pick up observational skills with these clubs.

I am 15-year-old, staying at Bangalore. I have a keen interest in astronomy and science. I would like to take it up as my career. I do a   lot of reading on the subject. Also, I try to maintain good grades in maths and science subjects. How else should I groom myself to achieve my ambition? Is there anyway I can get a practical insight into the field of astronomy?

What you want to do depends on the area you want to enter and where you want to ultimately want to work. Traditionally things are divided into theoretical/observational, astrophysics/planetary sciences. If you want to be an observational astrophysicist or theoretician then getting a Undergrad in Physics, Math or Computer Science would be good start. Then you can either do a MS or a Ph.D. directly in astrophysics. Most useful things for you would be a good solid background in physics, math and

If you want to study solar system objects (planets, comets and asteroids) then typically you have other options. You can do a undergrad in Geology/Geophysics and then do a Ph.D. in planetary sciences. Even with this a good solid background in math (Geology has a lot of calculus and chemistry...mostly application based) and programming is important.

The bottom line is to do either of these two options a solid math, and programming background would be very helpful. Statistics is also something you should learn to enjoy. Astronomy/planetary science is becoming very interdisciplinary these days so getting a good overall knowledge of all basic sciences is important. I have colleagues here in the US who are astronomers but have background in Chemistry. She studies molecular clouds and star forming region. I am not "reknowned senior scientist" but I will be getting my Ph.D. in planetary sciences in about 9 months so this is my opinion.



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