How to Aim for a Career in Astronomy

How to Aim for a Career in Astronomy


Name: Rohit
Location: Kerala
Standard: 11th
Please give me information on how to build a career in astronomy.

(This has been answered by a research scholar working in the field of astrophysics).

As per the saying success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Hence to achieve success one needs to put lot of hard work and there are no short cuts to success

Here in the field of astrophysics understanding the basics of physics and mathematics is a must to master the subject. Solving problems from Halliday/Resnick, Irodov will help to understand the concepts. Problem solving is the best way to give a final check of one’s understanding of the subject. Also go through the website It conducts a nationwide exam for integrated master’s program after 12th standard. This is a great chance for anyone to give a head start. Also there is other possibility that one can do B.Sc. in Physics and Maths as a subsidiary subject. While continuing your B.Sc. degree you still need to master subject and solve numerous problems.

After done with your B.Sc. some universities provide M.Sc. degree with specialization in astronomy like Delhi University, Osmania University, etc. There are some Master’s program in IIT too. IIT have an exam called JAM which acts as an entrance test for that. Once done with your M.Sc. comes the Phd. One have 2 options doing in India or abroad.

India- Need to give exam like NET,JEST etc or exams conducted by respective institutions which are all nationwide exams. One should get a high percentile score approx 95 percentile to get an interview call. After attending the interview and successfully passing it you are offered a Phd seat.

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