Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

About  my  Research

I  am a student of designing(AUTO-CAD, mechanical ,3-d max) I lived in a village & My father is an electrician ,the workshop is at home . So from childhood my hobby is for science &tech, my mother bring for me technical toys from a fair .Thus I always experiment on electrical instruments at home’s lab &In my dreams comes many design of modern age machine .So I want to be a scientist . I love my India very much ,In my schooldays I always participate in the play of patriotisms like Revolutionar Sh. Bhagat  singh .When I was study in class of 12th science(in2003) ,then I get a lot of  science &tech knowledge(physics ,chemistry & electronic),like lasers ,anti-matter energy ,GPRS etc. In 2003’summer vacation I went to J&K boarder with my uncle for walk, then I have notes many drawbacks in our Army to fight against terrorist, for fight against few terrorist we lost many brave soldiers of our Army, then  I notes that ,we have brave soldier ,&used many modern Armaments but, despite it we are unable to destroy to terrorism .


Hence I decided that I always experiment on Army defence instruments for our nation .So I have manufacturing a UAV(also with a robotic arm)[unmanned aerial vehicle ] scinc2003,for Aerial carry for BSF ‘s armaments .For its experiments used a bike engine in this machine with gear box( 100cc,7.8hp,4-stroke hero Honda ,weight 20kgs).Now when I operate this machine it is very heavy (40kgs) but the fan thrust is only 12kgs,when I experiment  for its test flying any body complained to polis then it published  in our area’s news paper (Amar  Ujala) so our district police arrest me & my machine .But now  i am free & i want to complete my machine . our District magistrate give me some instructions for complete it .But there is a big problem the bike engine is not ideal for my machine (because its thrust was 12kg but I need 40kg )so I want a high specific power & light weight engine ,in Defence expo 2010 in Delhi When I saw DRDO(VRDE)’s high power to weight ratio single cylinder engine ,which is ideal for my UAV ,but VRDE say that this engine is not for sells .So for my UAV is incomplete now ,if anybody afford this engine for my project then my project will be very useful for Anti-terrorist operations & other purpose as Surveillance & reconnaissance .


So for u Pls advise me…………..

My name…………………*********
District…………………….Bagpat (utter Pardesh)
Contect no………………********

Thank you

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