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Hello sir,

I am ***** from indore. i am doing my engg. and in 1st year, 1st semester in electronics and communication branch. I really dont wanna be an engg. and wanna go in the field of astronomy. For that i planed to complete my engg. and then go for GRE and will do my M.S. from astronomy and finally a space scientist after some P.HDs and some work experiences. For that i am up to build my profile by attending conferences and involving myself in different works related astronomy.


Thats what i planned. now please suggest me some better way of becoming a space scientist. Please suggest me ways to build up my profile and gather knowledge and certificates as well. Suggest me to from where and how to join some diploma courses related to this field so as to gain knowledge and make my profile so strong that any university abroad would accept me happily and finally turn me into the best space scientist of the world.

Please help me out.


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0 #1 AAKASH KUMAR YADAV 2014-12-06 14:28
I am studing in 9th standard what i have to do for becoming astronaut
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