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Predators (2010)

Predators (2010)

Hello hello. Back after a long hiatus. So let's get started.

The movie Predators is based on the movie Predator that came out in . Since then there have been at least three tangents/sequels and three video games that I am aware of. The new Predators movie extends concepts from the first movie and even refers to events of the first movie. In this new movie, a group of human beings find themselves being hunted by a group of aliens. Hence the title "Predators". You know what probably happens in the movie right? The movie is nicely shot with some gorgeous scenery. Some of the actors are not very convincing in their roles. There are a few special effects but mostly the story relies on the thrill of the hunt to keep the viewers hooked.


We as usual are more interested in the science/technology/philosophy of space adventures. A word of caution: a few plot details will be revealed henceforth so people who don't want spoilers, please watch the movie and come back. We promise we will be here when you do :-)

Movie Review - Moon

Movie Review

The title belies the absolutely stunning story of a lonely man on the moon. The movie is set in the future where Earth's energy crisis and its attendant climate problems have been solved using nuclear fusion. The fuel for this is Helium-3, mined from the moon. To oversee the mining operations, a single person is stationed on a lunar base. Moon is the story of this man. The actor Sam Rockwell plays amazingly well the role of the central character that also has the name Sam. The movie has barely 2 actors in it with almost 90% of the frames containing Sam. It is a testament to the fantastic job by the actor that in the almost 90 minute movie, you dont get bored of the actor at all. I would remiss in my review if I failed to mention the fairly engaging character of the robot Gerty voiced by Kevin Spacey. The movie has no action; just drama and emotion with some excellent CGI of the moon's surface and of a distant Earth. If you would like to see the movie, please do see it. I recommend it.

Movie Review: Avatar

Movie Review

Avatar is a must-see movie in a 3D theatre. It has a simple story. The science-fiction is rooted in real science. It provides a visual treat that is simply incredible when seen with 3-D glasses. The characters are somewhat mundane and typical. That does not belie the fact that such characters do exist, often in more numbers than you would believe. The story is a little predictable but some details are cleverly hidden. Now that I have given away enough of the story, go see it if you haven't yet. It will be worth your while if you see it in 3D. The rest of the review below will contain spoilers so postpone the review read until after the movie if you plan to see it.


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