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Star Trek: The Future Begins

Movie Review
Star Trek

"The Future Begins

An ancient Chinese curse goes, “May you live in interesting times”. And no one can deny that we do live in interesting times. We make regular scientific discoveries, more of our planet is populated than ever before; we lead amazingly busy and complex but richer all the same existences and although there are monumental challenges on the horizon, the things that make us undeniably human are still abundantly evident. A fact that is brought home by the Hollywood summer 2009 blockbuster StarTrek that depicts the lives of human beings in “interesting times”.


Movie Review: Wall-E

Movie Review

Nobody knows what is going to happen in the future, nobody knows what is the future of Earth, and the inventions that are yet to be done.

Wall-E is one such movie which throws some light in that direction. It presents the time where space exploration has reached a significant stage. The humans are able to travel easily between the other planets and Earth, and also between the galaxies. It shows how the space tourism will be the "numero one" business in future. Also, it does show that there is no planet other than Earth where humans can survive. It shows the possible advanced invention in machine automation, Artificial intelligence. The robots can feel  and understand the emotions. There is a dedicated group of robots working as police, doctors and so on.

The movie sends out a scary message by showing how death is waiting for the planet Earth. There is so much garbage dumped that no human being can survive on earth.


I would recommend this movie to everyone as it gives you a glimpse of future space exploration. One of the main message from the movie is "Save the planet Earth".


A small garbage collecting robot, Wall-E, on the earth falls in love with another sophisticated robot, Eva, sent from humans on to the earth. In the process of gaining Eva's love, Wall-E helps humans to return back to earth after 700 years. Most of the time you will hear only two words from these robots, guess what !!!, Wall-E and Eva.

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