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Book review - The Rocket Company

"The Rocket Company"
Patrick J. G. Stiennon & David M. Hoerr
Illustrated by Doug Birkholz
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This is one of the highly recommended book for anyone planning to venture into entrepreneurship in the field of space technology and science. This book has been recommend by people like Mr. Elan Musk, founder of SpaceX organization . Our experts will soon publish a review of this book as well. We highly recommend not to miss the opportunity to get free access to e-book that will be offered on April 30th, 2013 (one promotion only). Please make sure that you have an Amazon log-in for this purpose. The book has 29 black line illustration, and 4 color  illustration in chapter 25.

Book Review - Mars Beckons India

Book Review

" Mars Beckons India "
Srinivas Laxman


Man has often wondered about the stars in the skies for ages. He has worshipped them, lauded them in poetry and fiction and offered to bring them down to his beloved. But it was only in the 20th century that man was able to reach out and touch them.
In the last few years, there has been a tremendous effort towards reaching for a planet---Mars. From USA, Russia and the European Union, attempts (successful and unsuccessful) have been made to study this "red planet". Now India attempts to reach Mars and study it from an orbiting satellite. Mars Beckons India is a book that describes this attempt.


Mars Beckons India is a slim volume that succinctly but beautifully captures the enormous undertaking that should result in interplanetary travel. Although not formally structured so, the book is divided into three parts. In the first part, the book describes and elucidates all the different people, organizations and technical components that are participating in this Indian endeavour. The second part of the book details the attempts (past, present and future) of different countries towards reaching Mars. The third and last part of the book provides a lesson history---discovery of Mars, various scientific theories and some trivia.

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Book Review: MoonShot India

Book Review
MoonShot India
Srinivas Laxman

Moonshot India is a book written by a well-known space enthusiast and Indian space related efforts journalist Srinivas Laxman. Published by Navneet and available for a mere Rs.100, it is a good buy for any Indian interested in human activities on the moon. The book is mainly targeted at the student community. The book is slim (about 100 pages or so) but packed with information. Some of this information is probably not available elsewhere in an easy to search form. The fonts and black and white pictures are good. The paper quality, the size of the pages and the size of the fonts are great for reading. So what else did we think of this book?

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