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Apply as a research fellow


ESA is offering four inspiring opportunities for research fellows in the Advanced Concepts Team. If you have a PhD degree or are about to obtain one in meteorology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, informatics, computer science or celestial mechanics or engineering, you may be interested in applying for one of the following positions.

  • Fundamental Physics
  • Advanced Energy Systems
  • Planetary System Science and Climate Engineering
  • Advanced Space Systems Dynamics and Control
  • The Advanced Concepts Team



The Advanced Concepts Team
The Advanced Concepts Team (ACT) is a group of research fellows (post-docs) and young graduates who originate from a broad variety of academic fields and aim to have an academic career. Its task is to monitor, perform and foster research on advanced space systems, innovative concepts and working methods. It interacts externally almost exclusively with academia and operates as a truly interdisciplinary team, bound to high scientific standards.

Through its research, the Team acts as a cross-departmental pathfinder to explore novel and potentially promising areas for ESA and the space sector, ranging from applied to basic fundamental research topics. An important task of the Team is to communicate scientific trends and results, as input to the strategic planning of the Agency.

Please find the full descriptions of these positions in the links provided. The application deadline is 2 September 2014.

Areas of research are partly chosen by the successful candidate based on his/her own expert judgement and insight into trends and developments, and partly chosen by the Advanced Concepts Team in order to follow the strategic directions of the Agency.

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