Mangalyaan: Payload: Lyman Alpha Photometer

Mars Orbiter Mission: Mangalyaan
Payload: Lyman Alpha Photometer

Instrument and its interpretation
Lyman Alpha Photometer (LAP) is one of the scientific instruments of the payload on MOM spacecraft, which is India’s maiden mission to the red planet,Mars.

Why is it called Lyman Alpha Photometer?

When electron in a hydrogen atom makes transition from n=2 energy level to n=1 energy level, a photon is released and this type of emission of photon is known as Lyman Alpha emission. Photometer is an instrument for measuring intensity of light.Lyman Alpha Photometer is an absorption cell photometer.


Lyman Alpha Emission:

Power System and Sources For Spacecrafts

Power System And Sources For Spacecrafts

Image Credit:NASA

One of the key elements in any spacecraft which keeps the components alive is the power source. The spacecraft is dead with no ability to communicate with the ground station without any on-board power source. However, the process of powering a spacecraft is a challenging task for different missions with different use cases.

The power source for any space bound mission is in itself a vast research topic with different techniques being proposed regularly. However, the most of the research topics falls under these broad categories. They are,

  • Solar
  • Nuclear
  • Fuel cell
  • Battery


Vulture Head Nebula B207

Vulture Head Nebula B207
(Aditya is an active member of  Indian Space Station)

Image Credit: Aditya G. Togi (ISS Author) LMI; DCT

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