Vulture Head Nebula B207

Vulture Head Nebula B207
(Aditya is an active member of  Indian Space Station)

Image Credit: Aditya G. Togi (ISS Author) LMI; DCT

The Vulture Head Nebula B207 is a small cometary globule in the Taurus Molecular Region of the sky, located at a distance of 420 light years and currently undergoing the process of forming a solitary star. The core mass of the nebula is about 4 times the mass of the sun. Rather than being located in the densest part of the cloud, as expected from the theory of gravitational collapse, the newly forming star IRAS 04016+2610 is found in a comparatively low-density region at a distance of about 10,000 AU from the core.

Aditya Togi

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