Dennis Tito

Dennis Tito

Dennis Tito, age 68, is the first space tourist in the world to pay for the space trip. He reportedly paid between 12 million to 20 million to Russian space agency for the trip. Previously, Japanese television news producer Toyohiro Akiyama was flown into MIR station. He spent 10 days in Space. However, he didn’t pay anything for the space trip. Dennis’s trip created dissatisfaction in NASA administration as he chose to go with Russian space agency for the space trip.



Dennis launched to space on April 28th, 2001 through Soyuz TM-32 along with 2 other crew members. On May 6th 2001, he returned to Earth along with 2 Russian astronauts in Soyuz TM-31. He spent 7d 22h 04m in Space. He apparently performed some experiments in the orbit which is supposed to be useful for its company and business.





Fig. Dennis Tito



Date of birth
August 8th, 1940


B.S. from New York University College of Engineering in astronautics and aeronautics (1962.
M.S. in Engineering Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1964).
Honorary doctorate of engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute on 18 May 2002.


Work experience
He worked in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena for 5 years (1964-1969). He was responsible to design
trajectories for the Mariner 4 and 9 missions to Mars and the Mariner 5 mission to Venus.


He founded Wilshire Associates a leading provider of investment management, consulting and technology services 1972. He came up with a mathematical tool to analyze market risks. Apparently, this tool is based on the techniques that Dennis invented to determine a spacecraft’s path while working at NASA.




Dennis space trip opened a new window to space tourism which has been pursued by many companies now. There are many private space tourists after Dennis like,

Mark Shuttleworth ($20 million)
Gregory Olsen ($20 million)
Anoushen Ansari (first female space tourist)
Charles Simonyi
Richard Garriott Age ($30 million)


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