Introduction to Night Sky - Dec 28th, 2012

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium
Bangalore Association from Science Education
" Introduction to Night Sky "
Dec 28-30, 2012


The astronomy sessions include discussions, hands-on activities, astronomy model demonstrations, movies apart from planetarium projector demonstrations.

SpaceUP - India, December-2012

SpaceUp India
December, 2012
Bangalore, Karnataka


SpaceUp India is the first space unconference held in Asia. It is an opportunity for the space enthusiasts in India to spice up your connections to within the folks present physically and digitally. A stage to voice your crazy ideas and projects and find someone as crazy, bond and to take it to the next level. SpaceUp India is also a means for the space enthusiasts around the world to peek into the emerging space program of India.

The first SpaceUp in India shall be hosted in Bangalore, the home and headquaters of the Indian Space Research Organisation. It is aimed to foster outreach for ideas, concepts within the enthusiastic community of students, teachers and amateurs to space professionals.

SpaceUp shall be coming soon to Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and other major cities in India!

Please click here to visit the official webpage of this conference

India AstroPhotoFestival-2012

India Astrophoto Festival - 2012
Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi
Dec 8th to Dec 30th, 2012



This winter Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi and the Amateur Astronomers Association, Delhi, brings you IAPF (India Astro Photo Festival). IAPF, India’s first astronomy-photography festival, will take place in New Delhi from Dec 8th till Dec 30th. The major attraction of IAPF will be an astro-photography exhibition, which will have works from both professional and amateur astro-photographers. The festival is aimed at creating awareness about one of the least-explored branch of photography among astronomy and photography enthusiasts through workshops and discussions.


Inviting all astro-photographers to send entries for IAPF exhibition at Nehru Planetarium. The entries must include an astronomical subject – for example the stars, the Moon, or near-Earth phenomena such as aurora. The categories for submissions are:

  • Monuments – Heritage celebration through earth and sky astrophotography
  • Landscape - Earth and Sky astrophotographs
  • Eclipses & other celestial events.
  • Observatories – A celebration of Astronomy through astrophotography with an observatory in the foreground.
  • Deep sky & planetary objects.
  • Time-lapse videos.

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