Workshop on Radio Studies of Galaxies and Galaxy Systems

Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics
Workshop on Radio Studies of Galaxies and Galaxy Systems
March 46, 2014



A 3-day workshop on the above theme is being or ganized at IUCAA, with the objective of bringing together the country's researchers active in this area, and thus pool their varied expertise to promote collaborative projects involving both established and young researchers. The workshop will be limited to around 40 participants, roughly half of them being graduate students and post-doctoral fellows affiliated to various research institutes and universities.

Recognition of the role of radio galaxies in the universe has been on upswing in recent years. Their colossal energy output over huge volumes is now widely believed to play a key role not only in the formation of galaxies and their super-massive blackholes, but also in the evolution of clusters of galaxies and, possibly, the cosmic web itself.

A prominent component of India's contribution to radio astronomy has been directed to the studies of radio galaxies and systems of galaxies, mainly carried out at TIFR and RRI. Recently, such activity has begun to spread out to several institutes and universities across the country.

ZEPHYR - 2014

ZEPHYR - 2014
9th Feb, 2014
Annual Aeospace Festival at  IIT-Bombay


Zephyr is arguably the largest student aerospace festival of the country since in existence for more than a decade. It has been the star attraction for some of the geekiest and coolest students of India who have a special heart for aerospace engineering and entertainment.

Did we manage to make you look up? Ah, there we go.

Zephyr, the annual aviation festival of IIT Bombay started off as an annual workshop and went on to become a pioneer herald of Aerospace to engineering colleges and students all over India. It provides a platform for coming together, binding and exchange of thoughts among engineering communities connected with this fascinating field. It aims to act as a forum to encourage exchange of ideas and provides ample opportunity for technical interactions. With the lectures, workshops, competitions and debates that it has to offer, Zephyr tries to bind the spirit of Aerospace under one cloud. After all Aerospace is a field which when talked about, makes everyone look up!

Still looking up?
Come Zephyr and we shall find out what it takes to be a part of Zephyr '14



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Antariksh - 2014

February 22-24, 2014
Bangalore, India


A sympoisum on Space Technology and Robotics for young space enthusiasts sponsored by Lab-X Foundation and organised in collaboration with BMS College of Engineering and Space School International.    

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