Space Meetup - 8th May 2016

Space Meetup
8th May 2016

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Last decade has witnessed a disruptive change in the Aerospace industry all across the globe. Liberalization from Government holdings to Private players is a major game changer. From a mere $90 billion in 2005-06 to a whopping $300 billion 2014-15 shows x2.3 growth in revenue of the Global Satellite Industry. Thanks to the arrival of Space startups that have taken the ecosystem to new heights.

With the success rate greater than 90% in the Launch capabilities and 100% success of its interplanetary mission the Indian Space agency proves the mantle of its capabilities.

But the question arises when India will grab a significant slice of the whopping market? When will our government realize the potential of its rising Space Startups?

Come this 8th may and be the part of the panel discussion “Role of India’s Private Player to space

Focus areas:
1. Privatization in Space
2. Significance to the economy
3. Scope in Education



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