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TES India: a SPACE for teachers


TES India: a SPACE for teachers
Science helps students make sense of the world in which they live. From the human body to faraway planets or the workings of complex systems to modern developments, studying science allows students to develop a deep understanding and critical thinking skills as well as providing them with rich and useful knowledge for life. With this in mind, TES India, through its community of teachers, has selected the highest quality science teaching resources to share with the network. Teachers can find free science worksheets and free science lesson plans that can be adapted to any classroom from early years to higher secondary classes.

Primary lesson plans
Encourage curiosity in young children by exploring the fundamentals of science. Children can begin to discover science and physics through simple activities and understand the basics of science through drawing or painting tasks and story books.

Secondary lesson plans
Teachers can find a wide range of science activities and lesson plans for the classroom. The secondary physics resources allow students to explore the solar system and the universe, discover gravity and understand climate around the world. Teachers can tailor these resources to their classroom, as well as download educational cartoons and animations to science worksheets and revision aids.

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