Dr. Debaprasad Giri, HoD, Department of Physics, IIT BHU

Dr.Debaprasad Giri
HoD, Deparment of Physics, IIT BHU

                                                                         -“Give students the freedom to think”



Dr. Debaprasad Giri, HOD of Department of Physics, IIT(BHU)Varanasi has done his B.Sc from Calcutta university, M.Sc from IIT Kharagpur,and Ph.D from Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar. One can say that the way he supports his students is the key to achieve their goals. 

Our intern, Ms Manasa Perikala, had an opportunity to discuss and know about his work and the various activities going in their department. Please read the remaining section to understand more about it.

Q1. Please describe the various research activities happening in the department of Physics, IIT BHU.

The faculties of the department have been pursuing cutting edge front line research in various areas and in collaboration with prestigious national and international institutes. The department  offers an excellent research programme in the field of Space Science, Solar Physics, Plasma Physics, Fiber Optics, Photonics & Optoelectronic, Materials sciences, Condensed Matter Physics, Remote Sensing and Nano-Technology.

In Conversation with Prof. B N Dwivedi, IIT BHU

In Conversation with
Prof. B N Dwivedi, IIT BHU


" We are absolutely not in right direction to contribute in science and technology research "

"Student Ideas should not never be blocked by their mentors"


Our reporter, Ms Manasa Perikala, had a discussion with Prof. B N Dwivedi to know about his past and current research activities. Prof. B N Dwivedi is a well-recognized professor from the department of physics,  IIT BHU.  He has been awarded with various prestigious awards both nationally and internationally including the "MPAE Gold Pin" award from Max-Planck Institute, Germany and Indira Gandhi Prize for Popularization of Science-2011.

In this interview, he also shares is opinion about the research Eco-system in India and in specific about his own institute. In addition, he also talks about the importance of continuing in the basis research after their education for the benefits of the students.

We thank Prof. B N Dwivedi for giving us an opportunity to know more about this research and for his valuable guidance to the students.


Q1, About his area of research. 


Dr. Abhay Kumar Singh, Physics Department, Banaras Hindu University

Department of Physics, Banaras Hindu University


 " ISRO-SSPS program is funding our students (10 each year). We are thankful to ISRO "

" Need for a strong Industry-University Collaboration"


Ms. Perikala Manasa, an ISS intern, had an opportunity to interact with Prof. AK Singh from Banaras Hindu university.  In this interview, he gave a glimpse about various space science and atmospheric related research work happening in the department of physic, BHU. 

Prof. AK Singh is a senior professor working in the field of space science and atmospheric science with number of publications and books to this credit. He also been active in collaborating with ISRO and other organizations for various research projects. Prof. AK Singh has been conferred with various awards in recognition of his research work.

The entire ISS team is thankful to Prof AK Singh for accepting our request and sparing some time for this interview.

 Please read the full interview below.


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