Dr. Debaprasad Giri, HoD, Department of Physics, IIT BHU

Dr.Debaprasad Giri
HoD, Deparment of Physics, IIT BHU

                                                                         -“Give students the freedom to think”



Dr. Debaprasad Giri, HOD of Department of Physics, IIT(BHU)Varanasi has done his B.Sc from Calcutta university, M.Sc from IIT Kharagpur,and Ph.D from Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar. One can say that the way he supports his students is the key to achieve their goals. 

Our intern, Ms Manasa Perikala, had an opportunity to discuss and know about his work and the various activities going in their department. Please read the remaining section to understand more about it.

Q1. Please describe the various research activities happening in the department of Physics, IIT BHU.

The faculties of the department have been pursuing cutting edge front line research in various areas and in collaboration with prestigious national and international institutes. The department  offers an excellent research programme in the field of Space Science, Solar Physics, Plasma Physics, Fiber Optics, Photonics & Optoelectronic, Materials sciences, Condensed Matter Physics, Remote Sensing and Nano-Technology.

Q2. What is your current area of research focus in recent times?
My area of research interest is on (i) Statistical Physics and  (ii) Soft Condensed Matter Physics. In last few years we have been working on the problem of statistical theory of force induced transitions in various bio-polymers. Using the concept of statistical mechanics, we have studied some of the issues, which are important in understanding the Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy (SMFS) results obtained in vitro and its implication in the interpretation of the cellular processes in vivo.

Q3. Is your research results yield different results in a micro-gravity condition?
To the best of my knowledge we have not seen any such experimental / theoretical studies in a micro-gravity condition.

Q4. How is your research could potentially used in space applications?
Though my research has no direct space applications, but our approach may explain insight of the experimental observations on bio-polymers based dielectrics which have space applications.

Q5. Could you please tell us some of the initiatives taken by your department to  give exposure to latest research in science ?
The Department offers a Five Year Integrated M. Tech. course in Engineering Physics. This program trains the young students in the areas of Physics, Engineering and Technology. Students have opportunity to do project work / summer internship / summer projects / industrial training  in the Institute as well as in several others prestigious Labs, Research Institutes, Universities in India and abroad. We are also developing our laboratories and creating few facilities (such as SUPER SID Monitor, Telescope  etc), where students can do exploratory project, take direct observation etc to have exposure to physics.

Q6. Any memorable achievement by your students  that you would like mention here?
Students of IMD (Engineering Physics) program are well placed in Industry and various prestigious Institutions for job and PhD.D program. Recently some of our students have visited abroad for their project / dissertation work and they have performed extremely well. Some of their works are published in high impact factor journals.
Q7. Could you please give us one or two recommendations to support the research Eco-system in India ?
Give emphasis on Research & Innovation. In my opinion, India lacks the 2nd one i.e "innovation".  Give students the freedom to think.



Ms. Manasa Perikala


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