Interview With ISRO Chairman - AS Kiran Kumar


Mr. Kiran Kumar AS
Chairman, Indian Space Research Organization

"Experience is up to the individual see what happens is you always have opportunity to look at things and to observe things. Then from which you get derived inspiration is with you"


Ms. Kokila, Intern at Indian Space Station, had an opportunity to meet  ISRO chairman recently. Our entire ISS team is highly grateful for this opportunity provided by Mr. Kiran Kumar. We appreciate his commitment to encourage and inspire the future generation work on challenging and interesting problems of our time. The entire interview has been divided into two portions considering the depth of this interview.  Hope, this interview will be of useful to many.

ISRO Now Eyes Venus as its Next Big Destination

ISRO Now Eyes Venus as its Next Big Destination

New Delhi:  After a hugely successful mission to Mars where India beat China in reaching the Red Planet's orbit, the Indian space agency ISRO is not sitting back on its laurels. It now seeks to foray more into the Solar System with missions being planned for exploring Venus, a revisit to Mars and trip to an asteroid.

One of the hottest planets, Venus is a bright object in the night sky and through telescopes it looks like an orange ball of fire. The planet Venus, named after the Greek goddess of love and beauty, is considered a twin of Earth as it has similar features.


Isro to Launch 5 British Satellites on Friday

Isro to Launch 5 British Satellites on Friday

As an Indian rocket is getting ready to put five British satellites into orbit on July 10, officials at the Sriharikota space port are also working on an Indian satellite launch, an official said on Monday.

India will launch a communications satellite GSAT6 sometime after July 10.

"Work is progressing smoothly for the July 10 night rocket launch. The PSLV (polar satellite launch vehicle) rocket is ready. We are carrying out the launch rehearsal now. We will be rehearsing the activities that are to be done on the launch day," a senior official of Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) told IANS on Monday.

According to him, the four stage/engine PSLV rocket in XL variant is slated to blast off at 9:58pm on July 10 and the 62.5-hour countdown is expected to start at 7:28 am IST on July 8.

The official said the Launch Authorisation Board (LAB) is slated to meet on July 7 and take a decision on the PSLV rocket launch.

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