June 4th to July 4th  2015

Organized by
PES University, Bangalore
Indian Space Station

Group photo after the closing ceremony

“We the students of Bharath University, Aeronautical Department are very much delighted to have the chance to attend the one month Satellite Design Workshop in PES University. This is our second time attending different workshop conducted by CORI, PES University and Indian Space Station; and the reason for us to attend this one month workshop is because we were very much impressed by how much was taught to us in the previous workshop. Number of members from our University attending the previous 3 day satellite design workshop was 4 and the number of members attending the one month satellite design workshop is 8. The increase in number of members attending this workshop proves the fact that we have high hopes of learning in depth about satellite subsystems from the institution of PES University. And it will be absolutely correct to say that they have set an even higher standard for the other institutions.



Poster presentation by various teams

The option of accommodation at DSERT facility provided to us ; is an absolute lifesaver. The different food varieties available at PES University is really helpful for people of different background to feel at home.

The course is taken by Dr Sharan A. Asundi,Assistant professor from UNIVERSITY OF TUSKEGEE ; who is a very patient man and helped us in understanding the concepts of subsystem engineering for pico/nano/micro class satellites in the course of one month. The various assignments given have been really helpful in understanding and preparing for the upcoming classes and also to develop a habit of literature reading. The concepts of literature reading was explained in depth by Mr. Sharan A. Asundi and how to develop a habit of being updated in any technical field. Dr. V.K Aggrawal,Director,CORI has been extremely encouraging to us and also to all the other students from different universities.

The opportunity to mix with all the other people attending the class is really appreciated. The fact that even the CORI members of PES University attended the class has also been very helpful to us in the course of learning. The exchange of ideas and the interaction with them has let us become much more aware of the general procedures and mistakes peoplecan make while designing the subsystems. Its more important to know the question than to know the answers. The theoretical classes of Mr. Sharan A. Asundi has a series of questions which make us want to search for the answer ourselves. Different mission planning and simulation softwares both licensed and free source is discussed and taught during the course to help us get a visual understanding of how easy it is to solve any problem when we divide it up into tiny little pieces.

The attending members were divided into groups according to many subsystems in which they were confident. After working with all the people in different groups ; we were able to understand the importance of working in teams. The members from our university actively participated in the following subsystems.

  •  Structures and Thermal
  • Payload
  • Command and Data Handling(CDH)

With our hardworking team members we were able to create a conceptual design for a piconano class satellite.

Certificate distribution by Padmashree Vasagam

During this one month workshop we also attended a '3 day Technical Document Writing' workshop by Ms. Beth Nimms, from University Of Texas which has also helped us in writing professional technical documentation.

After almost coming to the end of the workshop, we can say that we are really happy to meet all the wonderful people, learn all of these wonderful things and create a bond with our fellow team members from all the attending universities. “



Bharath university
D Hasen
Yogendar Kumar
G Shreeshman
Sayan Bhattacharjee

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