Is ISRO about to beat NASA/ESA in Mars Mission?

Is ISRO about to beat NASA/ESA in Mars Mission?
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There are many areas in which ISRO has to catch up with other space agencies in terms of space technology. However, there is one important milestone in which ISRO could easily beat NASA.


Is not this cool ?




MoM comparison with other missions

If Mars Orbiter mission successfully reaches Mars and gets into the desired orbiter then India will be second country to successfully reach Mars in their first attempt itself. The European space agency is the first in this milestone. However, India will be the first nation to complete the first Mars mission successfully in its first attempt with least number of days taken to reach the Mars orbit. Yes, India beats ESA as well here. See the table to know the details.

Though, this is not an apple to apple comparison but still it is an important achievement.


Fingers crossed for September, 2014.

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