Telescopes and Instrumentation

Telescopes and Instrumentation

Dr. Varun Bhalerao, Post-Doctoral Fellow at IUCAA, Pune

Dr. Varun Bhalerao
Post-Doctoral Fellow, IUCAA, Pune

 " I feel India is living up to every expectation I had "

" we can give scientific projects to students at master’s level and
cultivate an independent thinking nature in them "


The ISS team members, Aditya Togi and Vasantha Kumar, had an opportunity to interact with Dr. Varun Bhalerao.  He is involved in the field of astronomy starting from his early days through astronomy Olympiad representing India thrice. He did his B.Tech from from IIT Bombay followed by PhD at California Institute of Technology. Currently, he is a post-doc fellow at IUCAA, Pune.

In this interview, he gives a glimpse about his interest in astronomy, his research problem, state of research Eco-system in India and other things. The ISS team firmly believes  that he is a great value addition to the field of astronomy in India and could be a great mentor for many of the students with interest in this field.

The ISS team is grateful to Dr. Varun Bhalerao for accepting our interview request in-spite of  his busy schedule.