Pulsar Magnetosphere

Interview with Mr. Sushilkumar, University of Texas, San Antonio

Interview with Mr. Sushilkumar
University Of Texas, San Antonio

"Resolution of current sheets are essential to understand non-ideal effects in pulsar magnetosphere"

"In my opinion astronomy courses must be introduced during bachelor degree"

Our team member, Aditya Togi, had an opportunity to meet Mr. Sushilkumar to know his current research focus and kind of solutions being  considered.  Mr. Sushilkumar is pursuing his PhD at university of Texas, San Antonio. He is currently working on to understand the dynamics of a pulsar in magnetosphere. His work has a potential application to understand the structure of the neutron star which has been a kind of mystery for a long time.

Commonly accepted geometry of a pulsar as an inclined rotator
Image credit: Imagine the Universe at NASA/GSFC

We sincerely thank Mr. Sushilkumar for accepting our request for this interview and sparing sometime for the same.