Dr. Hemant Kumar Rath, IIT Bombay

"Using Space As Memory"
Dr. Hemant Kumar Rath
 IIT Bombay


It is our pleasure to introduce Dr. Hemant Kumar Rath. He is a member of a research lab in a reputed Indian company. He has done his doctorate from IIT Bombay and works mainly in the  area of computer networks and wireless communication.

Our team member, Vasantha Kumar,  got an opportunity to talk to Dr. Hemant Rath to know about his past and current research. In addition, he also talked about the applications of his research in the field of space  communication and how that field going is to be the main research area for many of the researchers in the coming years.

We appreciate and thankful to Dr. Hemant Rath for taking time off from his busy schedule to give us an interview.


Could please  give a brief introduction about your background ?