Fast Radio Burst

Akshaya Rane, West Virginia University

Akshaya Rane,
Ph.D Graduate Student, West Virginia University

" Curious Case of Fast Radio Bursts "

 Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are intense bursts of energy considered to be coming from outside our galaxy. We have found only 11 such bursts so far and hence we still don’t know much about these objects, which makes their study very interesting.

In 2007, while analyzing a survey data obtained with Parkes telescope in Australia (See, figure 1), my Ph. D. advisor, Dr. Duncan Lorimer and his group found a radio burst having extreme brightness that lasted for only a few milliseconds from a seemingly blank region of the sky. The Parkes radio telescope has a 64-m dish and various pulsar searching surveys have been carried out with it, and out of the total ~2400 pulsars known so far, almost half of them have been discovered with this telescope.


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