Mr. Keshava Kumar S. Rao, Research Scholar, IISc

Mr. Keshava Kumar S. Rao
Research Scholar, IISc

 "Analyzing delamination present in a 3D structure as a 1D or 2D mathematical problem"

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The ISS team member had an opportunity to get know  about the current research happening related composite materials. As many people might be aware of, the cost of a space mission is directly proportional to the fuel used and the fuel requirement is directly proportional to the weight of the system. For the same example,  there is an extensive use of composite materials in any space bound or aerospace related missions to reduce the weight and in-turn the cost.

In this regard, we spoke to Mr. Keshava Kumar Rao who is currently pursuing research in the area of mathematical modelling of the composite material  at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.  He had worked for a several years in various space and aerospace related companies before joining for a PhD program a few years back. Hope, this article will be of interest to many.


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