Rocket Design, Development and Launch

Two-day Space Mission on

“Rocket Design, Development and Launch

An Outreach Program by

International Indian University and Indian Space Station



This is the only workshop of its kind in the country which teaches amateurs as well as science professionals and students to build and test fire a real rocket in just 20 hours.


Workshop Activity

The workshop is basically a problem based learning solution for the engineering students. The participants will be first introduced with the trainer’s miniature version of the rocket technology for designing and construction of the small safe sugar propelled rocket for an altitude of 1km which is free zone.




Please click here to download the high-resolution image



 Rocket Specifications

- Length: 24 inches
- Diameter: 2.75 inches
- Material: E-Glass composite material
- Payload: Temperature, pressure, altitude sensors and camera
- Propellant: Table Sugar
- Engine: Solid rocket motor
- Thrust: 1800N
- Burn time: 7 sec



Get exposure to the elusive and fascinating realm of rockets and Space technology
This workshop serves as an excellent science project for schools and colleges
This workshop might well be your first baby step to becoming an astronaut!
An once in a lifetime opportunity to learn something that is truly unique
An opportunity to launch a CanSat by designing your own rocket

Upon successful completion of this workshop, the participants will be awarded with a certificate that is valid in 90 countries!



 - A minimum of 100 students are required for a workshop

- The cost of workshop is Rs. 1500 per participant

 - The participants will be divided into teams during the workshop



 - The hosting institute should have a  big enough ground (cricket or football sized ground) to demonstrate the rocket launch



Video capturing the workshop highlights held at at Sangli engineering college, Maharashtra


Student Ambassador Program

There is an opportunity available for the students to apply under "Student Ambassador" to organiz the workshop at their institute. A special certificate of merit will be given to the students choosen under this program.


Contact Us

 Please write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to organize this fascinating workshop at your campus.



About Us

 International Indian University(IIU)

International Indian University(Proposed) is based in Khedbharama Gujarat, India. IIU conducts complete holistic and innovative courses on Aerospace Research and Engineering. It also conducts sounding rocket launch for the study of upper atmospheric and Space research with students being involved   in payload construction and launch mission. Their activity has overwhelmingly appreciated by Govt. of India. It is the first Indian university to launch sounding rocket privately built and launched for education and to ignite students from various fields.



Indian Space Station

Indian Space Station, Bangalore who believe in providing budding Space enthusiasts every possible kind of information and assistance towards furthering their dreams of travel into the stars. Indian Space Station believes in "Connect, Engage and Inspire The Space Explorers”.




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