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 We are looking for people who are passionately in love with space science (astronomy/space exploration/space technology/basic science).  They should dream, sleep and walk thinking about the subject they love. There is no restriction on age/qualification/gender/country as long as they can demonstrate the in-depth of knowledge in the subjuect they are passionately in love.

The positions available are,

  • Space Technology Consultant
  • Astronomy Consultant
  • Science Education Consultant
  • Creative Artists
  • Student Journalist


Selection process
Show your depth in the field of Space science by creating an one minute video (preferred) or an article or the creative art. In addition, please send across your short bio-data (containing information to show case your field of expertise) to iss[AT] The subject of the email should be "Indian Space Station:  Consultant"

As of now, we are looking for our part-time positions only. Over a period of time, this could be converted into full-time employment depending upon the mutual agreement and requirements.



+1 #2 S. Mahalingam 2014-12-26 17:34
Respected sir
I am ME C&C fresher ,i want to join with our center sir,please help me
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+1 #1 kamil 2014-05-24 06:11
Is this opportunity is over/not,
please send me full detail regarding this opportunity on my e-mail id
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