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Indian Space Station
"Connect, Engage And Ignite The Space Explorers"

Vision Statement

To create a forum of knowledge, discussion and for the dissemination of news and information for the out worldy science of Space.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of to provide budding space enthusiasts every possible kind of information and assistance towards furthering their dreams of travel into the stars. At we strive to strike a balance between the presentation of theoretical and practical aspects of space technologies, between news and opportunities for students and amateurs and between informative and entertaining aspects of space literature.

Team Members
Mr Vasantha Kumar
Space Geek
He has a keen interest in space science and technology. He had a tough time in getting the guidance and to know the opportunities available in Space science field to pursue his interest during his early study days. These learnings and also his passion for this field made him to start Indian Space Station with the aim of helping the student community in his spare time and continuous to do so. He has a master's degree in communication engineering from IIT Bombay.

Mr Srinivas Laxman
Special Correspondent
He does not require any introduction. His passion for space and technology is known through his several contribution to India done in past three decades. He has written two well-known books - Dreams To Reality, a biography of APJ Abdul Kalam and Moonshot India, about India's first mission to moon (Chandrayaan-1). He was working for Times of India for a long time. He writes articles to some of the leading web portals. Indian Space Station is honoured to have him on-board helping us in every step. He writes special articles for the website and gives us the valuable guidance.

Mr Aditya Togi
Space and Technology Editor
Mr. Aditya could be a role model to many students who want to pursue their career in astronomy. His passion for astronomy and space science could be highly appreciated. He has done B.Sc in Physics and M.Sc in Physics (Astronomy and Space Physics). He had worked as a project associate/research trainee in National Large Solar Telescope project at Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India. He is currently pursuing his PhD in extragalactic astronomy from University of Toledo, Ohio,USA.

Dr. Azeem Khan
Principal Book/Movie Reviewer
Mr. Azeem J Khan is a researcher in the field of computer science and engineering. He holds a PhD from IIT Bombay, a masters from Columbia University and a bachelors from University of Mumbai. He loves reading, writing and discussing about technology in science fiction and fantasy. He is our principal movie reviewer. For his outdoor activity he likes to take long walks in the woods and aspires to own a home with a fantastic view of the Milky Way Galaxy without the aid of a telescope.
Dr. Alkendra Singh
Science Consultant
Alkendra Singh is a solar and plasma astrophysicist. He is our Science Consultant. He was associated with IIT-BHU, Indian Institute of Astrophysics- Bangalore, Kwasan and Hida Observatories- Kyoto University, Japan. Apart from his research on the observational and theoretical astrophysics, he plays active role in science popularization. He has published his research in peer-reviewed journals and also written popular articles on various platforms.

Mr Vikram Virulkar
Space and Technology Editor
Mr. Virulkar is an Amateur Astronomer based in Mumbai and has several years of experience in Astronomy Outreach programs. He takes keen Interest in Space Flight and loves the idea of a powerful Indian space program. Before working for ISS, he has previously been part of the Editorial team of a Magazine called Kids Science from the Indian Planetary Society. He also owns and operates a company called Beyond Earth.

Mr Vinay
RuEdu Volunteer
Mr. Vinay has keen interest in the area of "Technology Transfer to Rural India". He did his B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur, where he always strived to relate his expertise in technology with his interests and found that Technology Transfer and Interaction with Rural India on subjects pertaining to educational empowerement is an apt field for it. His passion closely meets with the interests of Indian Space Station community. He is  been selected for the Prime Minister Rural Development Fellowship Scheme for the year 2014.
Current Interns
Past Interns

Amritay Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore
My self M.Kokila,Did my U.G in Electronics and communication Engineering,and currently doing my M.Tech(Remote sensing and Wireless Sensor Networks)in Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.Have so much of interest for space technologies. Had presented few projects regarding "Satellite speed and the corresponding path traced by it"during my 11th std and also in U.G.With a dream for space technologies, i have took this M.Tech course and also I have certification from AGI for Mission modeling,Simulation,Analysis and Visualization. This software helps me lot for understanding satellites and its orbit.My area of interest are Astrodynamics,GIS,Image processing.
Intern, IIT-BHU
I am persuing my BTech 2nd year in department of physics, IIT(BHU) VARANASI. I am intersted in space physics and making RC-planes is my passion. I am much passionated in conducting researches and my projects " PRODUCTION OF BIO-DIESEL FROM MICRO ALGA" and "LYING OF ROAD USING PLASTIC WASTE" have been awarded 1st prize. My aim in my life is to contribute myself to space physics .
My Experience:
Before starting intern at Indian Space Station,i am a student interested in space science, but didn't have the exact platform to build my carrier in this field. After starting intern at ISS, I was a bit scared if I would be completing my intern successfully because I was asked to write 4 science articles on "Payloads On Mars Orbiter Mission-Mangalyaan" (technical specifications of particular payload and working principle everything should be presented), but I was very well guided by Mr.Vasantha kumar sir (founder of ISS) all the time during my intern which boosted up my confidence.
To have a proper idea on MOM, sir suggested me to talk to ISRO scientists, I searched to get information on  these scientists who worked on MOM and came to know that scientists have been working on these aspects at Laboratory for Electro-Optics Systems (LEOS)-ISRO, and i mailed asking to guide me with some information on MOM, (till then my feeling was scientists will not reply easily to mails of normal people like me), but they have proven me wrong and the next day itself i was mailed by three scientists and this has taken my confidence level to its peak.I could say my two months intern at ISS was just a life changing opportunity for me and i not only gained knowledge and experience, but it increased my confidence, courage,
And after completing my intern successfully, on the last day i was asked by Mr.Vasanth sir to share my experience as an intern, and i was asked  to write both positive and negative points which i faced so that they can improve them and the future interns at ISS will not face them, then i thought for a day to seach for negative points, but the fact was i was unable to find a single point, because intern at ISS would be a golden opportunity for a student interested in space science like me.

The company is headquartered in Bangalore, India.


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My son has finished BE in computer science and he wants to pursue his higher studies on Astrophysics and would like to study MS in Astrophysics.Pl ease suggest and advice us to proceed further.
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